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No Excuses. Just Results.

Everyone has an excuse NOT to work out: you’re too tired, there’s not enough time, it’s too cold. But if you KNOW what your excuses are, you can address them and eliminate them. Know Excuses, LLC, in Maple Heights, Ohio, offers a great environment to keep yourself accountable, challenge yourself, have fun, and get results! Be Stronger Than Your Excuses. Staying fit through consistent exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Meet Candice Hall

An AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified INSANITY Instructor, Certified ZUMBA Instructor, and six-year army veteran, Candice Hall founded Know Excuses, LLC in October 2014. She has 15 years of dance experience including tap, ballet, and jazz. Candice offers hands-on, one-on-one fitness instruction in a fun studio. Her calling and passion is to help others achieve their fitness and health goals.

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